3 Ways to Avoid Windshield Damage

Windshields are a very important part of your car. Not only do they provide a physical barrier between you and the road, but they also are a vital part of your car’s structural integrity. A cracked windshield does more than reduce your visibility, and, if left alone, can do significant damage to your car. Windshield repair and replacement can be … Read More

Quick Guide to Car Tint

Of course, tinted car windows are cool. However, they aren’t just for cosmetic purposes. Car tint increases your privacy, protects your eyes and skin from sun exposure, and keeps the internal temperature of your car lower. ​Are you thinking about tinting your car windows? Horizon Auto Glass and Tint offers a variety of window tinting services for vehicles and buildings. … Read More

Professional Window Repair: 4 Steps to a Safer Driving Experience

Chipped, pitted, or cracked car glass is a significant hazard. Without the right intervention, your windows are extra vulnerable to flying objects, collisions, and even the everyday physical pressure of driving your vehicle. ​ Horizon Auto Glass and Tint is a premier window repair shop in the Rancho Rio area. Over our combined years of automotive glass experience, we’ve developed … Read More

AGRSS Certification: A Guarantee of Quality for Your Windshield Replacement

When choosing a Rio Rancho service shop to complete your windshield replacement, you have many options. Besides location, pricing, and a few online reviews, it can be tough to figure out what the difference is between those shops. During your search, you may notice that some shops claim to be AGRSS certified. What does that mean? How does this certification … Read More

Get Your Window Tinting at Horizon Auto Glass & Tint

There are many reasons to get your windows tinted in your vehicle, and why window tinting is a commonsense solution to many of the issues that vehicle owners face year-round. Whether you have recently purchased a vehicle, want to help preserve the appearance of that vehicle, or even create a more comfortable experience while on the road, you should consider … Read More

Windshield Repair in Rancho Rio, NM from Horizon Auto Glass & Tint

Whether you are on the road in your vehicle or parked at home for the evening, your vehicle runs the risk of windshield damage from a variety of sources. You may require windshield repair from getting a chip in your windshield from a passing lawn mower or a dump truck on the interstate. You may even incur damage from exposure … Read More

Quality Is the Mantra at Horizon Auto Glass and Tint

Our workforce believes that every auto glass deserves some love. We hold our customer’s needs as a priority and are always ready to offer a tailor-made service to meet them. While we have been doing business since 2001 in Albuquerque, NM, we have managed to build a workforce of experienced professionals over the years. When the glass on your car, … Read More

Things to Expect During Your Car Window Repair

A broken car glass can be stressful. Knowing what should happen helps you understand what’s going on with your window repair process. Here are some things you can expect during your car window repair from Horizon Auto and Glass. Connect With Our Technicians The first step to your car window repair is getting your vehicle to our technicians. Bring your … Read More

Do You Need A Motorhome Windshield Replacement?

Dips, pits, cracks, and fine lines on your motorhome’s windshield and glass are a huge safety hazard. However, they don’t always mean you need a full replacement. Does your damaged glass really need a full replacement? What are some techniques to cope with damaged auto glass and possibly avoid a motorhome windshield replacement? Assessing the Damage The damage on your … Read More

Tips for Taking Care of Your RV’s Windshield

Don’t underestimate the importance of your RV’s windshield. More than just a barrier against bugs and other airborne objects, the windshield is an integral part of the safety system on many rigs. A well-sealed windshield also makes your home-on-wheels more comfortable in different climates ​ Your windshield faces a multitude of hazards on every trip. Use these tips to maintain … Read More