RV Windshield Warranty

Unforeseen circumstances resulting in a cracked or broken RV windshield can spell disaster for motorhome travelers. At Horizon Auto Glass & Tint, we service all your glass repair and replacement needs in NM and throughout the Southwest. We offer expert windshield repair when you need it and our quality workmanship gets you back on the road in no time.

One Chip Can Cause More Than You Think

A simple chip in a motorhome’s windshield can quickly become a major catastrophe and can end up causing thousands of dollars in damage should it spread. It is important that you get it taken care of quickly to avoid further damage. Pressure applied to the chip, usually by wind or changing temperatures will begin to expand the chip until it eventually becomes a crack. Cracks greatly reduce the integrity of the glass and can impair your vision, thus making your RV a hazard on the open road. Our quick, affordable and convenient windshield chip repair process will save you thousands in some cases and prevent the need for a full windshield replacement.

RV Glass Repair

When you call Horizon Auto Glass & Tint, our professional glass installers will get you out of a bind. We hire only the best. With large windshields, like those found on motorhomes, proper installation is critical. To avoid rust and leaks, technique and materials matter, and our experienced technicians use only the best OEM glass products and correct primers and adhesives for your safety and protection of your investment. We are a certified AGRSS shop and pride ourselves on this distinction. We are also insurance claim specialists and can facilitate any insurance processing need.

Without the right primers and adhesive, rust will occur. Rust is a common concern in RV glass repair. Rust can cost you thousands, or even destroy your RV from the inside out. You’ve invested a lot in your RV and the lifestyle that comes with motorhome travel. Do not let a simple fix cost you thousands more.

Windshield Repair When You Need it Most

Motorhome windshield breakage can happen anywhere and at any time. It is good to know who to call in the event you need just a simple chip repair or a full replacement. At Horizon Auto Glass & Tint, we have the expertise to handle all your glass needs and we have over 25 years in the auto glass repair and replacement industry. We also have the equipment and mobile RV fleet to safely transport, lift, and install heavy RV glass.

Built on Referrals

Our teams brings exceptional service, high quality, and expert knowledge to each vehicle that comes through our doors. Don’t let a chip or cracked glass ruin your travels. Contact us and we will have you back on the road in no time!

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