Quality Is the Mantra at Horizon Auto Glass and Tint

Our workforce believes that every auto glass deserves some love. We hold our customer’s needs as a priority and are always ready to offer a tailor-made service to meet them. While we have been doing business since 2001 in Albuquerque, NM, we have managed to build a workforce of experienced professionals over the years.

When the glass on your car, truck, or RV breaks, finding the right auto shop for your window replacement can be a challenge. Search results return an endless list of repair shops with almost no information to help distinguish them from one another. How can you decide which Rancho Rio, NM shop is the best for your window replacement? Ask these questions to help you make the right choice.

Will I Receive Help with My Insurance Company?

Insurance companies are often hard to deal with. Between multiple phone calls, demands for documentation, and hopping between agents and departments, filing your rightful damage claim can seem like too much of a hassle.

Rather than risk wasting time and mental energy fighting for an insurance payout, some drivers choose to delay much-needed repairs. This puts them and their passengers at unnecessary risk for injury and accident. Others want to pay out of pocket and avoid the claim process altogether. These customers waste precious resources to save mental stress.

Choose an auto repair shop that helps you through the insurance claim process. At Horizon Auto Glass and Tint, our team members will help you fill out your paperwork and get the payout you deserve. Bring your window replacement to us, and we’ll guide you through the claim process to ensure maximum payout and minimal irritation. Once confirmation is received, we will complete your repairs and deal directly with your insurance carrier for payment.

A window replacement from Horizon Auto Glass and Tint saves money and frustration.

Do I Have Other Options Besides a Full Window Replacement?

There are times when a full window replacement might not be necessary. Some damage can be repaired without removing the entire auto glass. In these cases, drivers save time and money over a full replacement.

How do you know when a window replacement can’t be avoided?

• The damage blocks your view. Large cracks, holes, and dents that sit in the driver’s line of vision cannot be repaired. The epoxy used to fill these imperfections can warp the glass and change the way light filters through the window. Warped glass makes it difficult to see and can reflect light in harmful ways.
• A chip or star is growing. Tiny cracks are easy to ignore. Over time, however, these small cracks can grow into big problems. Wind, rain, and subsequent impact damage from even the tiniest bit of debris can slowly widen and deepen these holes. Once a hole reaches a certain depth, it is impossible to repair and requires a full replacement.
• The damage compromises the glass’ integrity. Auto glass isn’t just for aesthetic and comfort. Auto glass, especially the front and back windshields, are designed to protect passengers during a collision. In a rollover-type accident, the glass holds the vehicle’s frame in place and reduces potential crush damage to the interior. If your damage interrupts the glass’ ability to perform this function, you’ll need a new one.

Some shops reduce their costs by limiting their services. If your shop doesn’t offer repairs as well as replacements, you may want a second opinion. Bring your vehicle to Horizon Auto Glass and Tint for a professional and honest assessment of your auto glass condition.

What Happens If I Can’t Make It Into the Shop?

After an accident, it may not be safe to drive your vehicle. The severely compromised glass increases the chances of injury and discomfort, even on short trips. For others, time is a significant factor. Between the demands of work and family, it can be tough to find the time to sit in an auto shop waiting for repairs.

Horizon Auto Glass and Tint offer mobile glass services for your car, truck, and RV. If you’re parked within 30 miles of the Albuquerque area, our technicians can come to you. We can complete your repairs wherever your vehicle is parked. Instead of negotiating temporary transportation, taking time off of work, or wasting hours in a waiting room, you can carry on with your day and still receive the services your vehicle needs.

For those who are outside of the Albuquerque service area, we can still deliver high-quality auto glass services to your location. Talk to our representatives for more information on fees for outlying areas.

Can I Bring My Vehicle In for Other Services?

If you have been planning to bring your vehicle in for window services, your damage might be just the motivation you need to get it done finally. Take advantage of the opportunity and choose a shop that can complete your repairs and any other auto glass work you may have contemplated.

At Horizon Auto Glass and Tint, we offer a variety of services to customize the look and feel of your vehicle.

• Glass Tinting. Protect your passengers and interior from the harsh Arizona sun with custom tinted glass. Choose from a variety of shades to fit your style.
• Rock chip repair. When one window sustains significant damage, other windows were likely affected as well. We’ll inspect and repair all of your auto glass in one visit.
• RV services. Explore the Arizona desert in safety and comfort with RV window repair, replacement, and tinting services.

In addition to our auto glass services, we can also help you protect your paint job, complete your vehicle restoration project, or customize the glass on your home or business. Talk to our representatives to learn more about our services.

How Can I Trust My Auto Glass Repair Shop?

Business listings provide the bare minimum of information on each auto shop. With a little online research, you can discover reviews and other 3rd party information to help you choose the right shop for your window replacement. But who has the time for in-depth internet research? You could ask your friends and family, but their information can be skewed as well.

There are two criteria you should look for when evaluating a potential repair shop.

• Are they certified? Certifications provide objective proof that the repair shop is skilled and knowledgable in a particular procedure.
• Do they offer a warranty? When shops are confident in their ability to deliver the desired results, they will offer generous warranties on their labor.

Horizon Auto Glass and Tint is AGRSS certified. This certification validates our ability to repair and replace the auto glass on almost any type of vehicle. Also, we offer a warranty on all of our services. If our work doesn’t meet your expectations, we will work with you to achieve satisfactory results.

Horizon Auto Glass and Tint is your source for high-quality window replacement services in the Rio Rancho, NM area. Contact us with your questions about auto glass services and repairs.

Disclaimer: Blogs and articles are for educational purposes only and to give a general understanding of window repair, replacement, and tenting. The information presented may not reflect the most current standards or materials used. Please contact us if you have any questions related to the services we offer.