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We all know how unbearable the New Mexico sun can be in the middle of the summertime. Getting into your car, especially if you don’t have tint, after leaving it parked in the sun for an hour can be like to stepping into a sauna. The glare and heat also penetrate your windows at home or at work and damage your upholstery and carpet all while making your air conditioning work over time. Our experienced staff at Horizon Auto Glass & Tint will be there for you to bring relief. We use Johnson Window Films as our automotive window tint supplier because of their superior reputation in the industry and their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. For our residential and commercial tinting, we offer Solar Gard window films and we are an authorized Panorama Window Film Dealer. Their warranty is unmatched in the industry.

Window Tinting Benefits

Window Tinting Warranty

Whether you need car tint or residential or commercial tint, our staff has over 30 years of experience in the industry to give our customers the highest quality window tinting installation possible. Our window films are handcut and applied, with the utmost attention to detail, for a flawless finish.

Install window tinting for your car, home or business with our professional staff when:

  1. You want to reduce the amount of heat inside your vehicle, home or office.. Put up a barrier between the heat of the New Mexico sun and your car, home or business by applying window film. You’ll feel the relief immediately the next time you get into your car, sit in your living room, or meet with clients at your office.
  2. You want to reduce fading by the sun. . The sun’s rays fade car seats, dashboards, upholstery, carpet, basically anything that it shines on. Window films will preserve your property and save you money.
  3. Schedule your appointment with us at Horizon Auto Glass & Tint. One of our welcoming staff members will take your information and confirm your appointment.
  4. You want to reduce glare. .The New Mexico sun can be blinding on the road or even sitting in your home or office. Car tint or tint for your home or business will reduce the amount of light that reaches your eyes and get rid of that unwanted glare.
  5. You want to block the harmful UV rays from reaching your skin. The car tint from Johnson Window Films blocks out 99% of those harmful rays from reaching you and those you care about. Tinting for your home or office, using Panorama films, will also give you the relief of 99% UV protection.

We want to make sure that you have complete confidence in our work, so all of our automotive window tint services are backed by a nationwide lifetime warranty, even years after the work was completed. Our residential and commercial tinting services are also backed by the longest and most comprehensive tinting warranty in the industry. We are also happy to answer any questions about window tinting. Contact us or stop by our showroom.

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Ultimately, installing automotive window tint or tint for your home or office, will be one of the best choices you’ve made to protect your property, make you more comfortable and keep you safe from the harmful effects of the sun. Glare reduction and heat can also be mitigated with effective window tinting from our professionals. Make sure you and your family remain safe and comfortable with our professional tint services at Horizon Auto Glass & Tint. Contact us today.

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