Professional Window Repair: 4 Steps to a Safer Driving Experience

Chipped, pitted, or cracked car glass is a significant hazard. Without the right intervention, your windows are extra vulnerable to flying objects, collisions, and even the everyday physical pressure of driving your vehicle.

Horizon Auto Glass and Tint is a premier window repair shop in the Rancho Rio area. Over our combined years of automotive glass experience, we’ve developed a window repair process that ensures the safety and efficacy of your auto glass through all common conditions. We are so proud of our work that we offer all window repair clients a lifetime, nationwide warranty on parts and services. How do the technicians at Horizon Auto Glass and Tint repair your damaged glass so quickly and efficiently?

Step One: Preparation

When you bring your automobile into our service center, our team starts by thoroughly inspecting the affected area. By evaluating the depth and placement of your damage, we can determine if your windshield can be repaired or if a full replacement is necessary. We look for:

• Cracks that radiate throughout the windshield. Even if they aren’t deep, the repair process could affect your ability to see clearly through the repaired glass. In these cases, it’s often safer to completely replace the glass instead.

• The damage is concentrated in the driver’s direct field of vision. Just like radiating cracks, extensive damage that rests within the driver’s line of sight might be better off being replaced.

• The damage is located near the edges where the glass adheres to the frame. Structural damage makes the windshield more likely to collapse, even after a professional repair thoroughly.

If the technicians determine that a window repair is a right path for your damage, the preparation process continues with a thorough cleaning of the affected area. Bits of glass, dust, and other debris are cleared away. The hood and interior of your vehicle are then covered to protect them during the rest of the repair process.

Step Two: Cleaning and Smoothing

After the initial cleanup, our team concentrates on smoothing out the damaged area. Using a selection of hand and power tools, jagged edges are smoothed and buffed away. This creates a sleek surface for the repair resin to adhere to. A high-powered vacuum is also used to ensure every shard of glass and dust is removed. Even the smallest bit of debris left behind could compromise the repair process. If not adequately cleaned or smoothed away, your windshield could end up with lumps or blurry spots that warp your vision and make it dangerous to drive your vehicle in certain types of light.

Step Three: Injection and Curing of Glass Resin

Resonated glass is then injected into the damaged area. As an AGRSS certified shop, Horizon Auto Glass and Tint technicians always use the highest-quality resins and adhesives available. The resin is injected deep into the damaged area, creating a liquid pool of melted material to replace the missing glass.

After the resin is injected, it must be hardened and cured. The use of ultraviolet light and other methods help the resin to set quickly, sealing off the damage and forming a smooth outer layer.

Step Four: Cleaning and Polishing

Once the resin is hardened, technicians return to the damaged area to once again smooth out any lumps or excess material. We use our hand and power tools to buff away excess resin gently. A high-grade polish is then applied to ensure the smoothest possible finish.

This is the final step of the window repair process. Once complete, your Horizon Auto Glass and Tint technician removes the protective covers, cleans the inside and outside of your vehicle to remove all byproducts of the process, then hands you the keys to your freshly repaired vehicle.

Six Reasons Why Horizon Auto Glass and Tint Should Be Your Choice for Window Repair in Rio Rancho

There are endless choices for window repair shops in the Rancho Rio area. Why should you choose Horizon Auto Glass and Tint?

• AGRSS Certified. The Auto Glass Safety Council accredits our technicians. That means we are trained to deliver the highest quality service with the best quality parts available.

• Lifetime nationwide warranty. If you experience any problems with your window repair, we will work with you to make it right. It doesn’t matter if the damage happens in Rio Rancho or New York City. Your windshield is covered anywhere in the United States.

• Preferred vendor for many national insurance carriers. Our preferred status means less hassle for you. We work directly with the insurance carrier to get your claims approved and paid quickly.

• Experience with advanced technology. The science behind your car’s windshield continues to evolve. Our technicians make it a point to keep up with the changing times. We are skilled and equipped to handle all sorts of auto glass, including the newer models with ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems).

• Superior customer service. We understand that any car repair is a hassle. Our team will work with you to ensure that services are scheduled most conveniently. For many, our mobile repair services help you get your vehicle repaired without making your day harder than it needs to be.

Finally, Horizon Auto Glass and Tint is a local business. Since 2001, we have proudly served the residents and businesses of Rancho Rio, NM. By making your vehicle safer, we are safeguarding the lives and properties of our friends, families, and community members. Our team truly cares about your safety.

The next time you need window repair for your automobile, call the experienced and professional technicians at Horizon Auto Glass and Tint.

Disclaimer: Blogs and articles are for educational purposes only and to give a general understanding of window repair, replacement, and tenting. The information presented may not reflect the most current standards or materials used. Please contact us if you have any questions related to the services we offer.