4 Tips for Choosing the Right Shop for Your Auto Glass Repair

When your windshield gets cracked or damaged, finding the right auto shop to complete the repairs can be tough. Looking online yields page after page of generic results, all offering the same services at different price points. How can you tell which shop will do the best job on your auto glass repair? Ask yourself these questions to ensure you … Read More

Top-Quality, Safe and Convenient Car Window Repair Service in Rio Rancho, NM

Horizon Glass & Tint is a locally-owned and operated auto glass company. We are specialists in car window repair and offer this service to our clients across all our service locations which includes Rio Rancho. Our Services Your car windows are there to keep you protected from the natural elements, and in so many ways, keep you safe. Damaged or … Read More

​Auto Glass Repair Services Keep You Safe While on the Road

The glass surfaces on your vehicle are as important (if not more important) than your other vehicle components. If you experience any chips, cracks, or broken glass, auto glass repair should be a top priority. Driving your vehicle with a cracked/broken windshield, power window, or back glass may limit your visibility while on the road.  Also, a simple crack can … Read More

A guide to quality auto glass replacement services

Your auto glass surfaces are vital parts of the vehicle. From your back glass to your doors and windshield, having quality glass surfaces in place is critical while on the road. If you notice that your auto glass is chipped or cracked, the best course of action may be to replace it. A cracked glass often makes the entire surface … Read More

Window Tinting for a Cool Ride

Window tinting technology has changed over the last decade. Window films could only provide privacy and reduce the amount of light in the vehicle. Nowadays window tinting is part of enhancing the luxury of your car. Window films reject the temperature raising rays keeping your vehicle cool and protecting you from harmful UV rays. The cooling effects of window tinting … Read More

Understanding the importance of windshield replacement

The windshield is the third most important part of your car after the seat/safety belt and the airbags. It’s the front window located at the front of the vehicle. Its safety options range from prevention of wind dust and water from entering your vehicle as the original functions to knowing your surroundings accurately by giving a clear view of traffic … Read More