​Auto Glass Repair Services Keep You Safe While on the Road

The glass surfaces on your vehicle are as important (if not more important) than your other vehicle components. If you experience any chips, cracks, or broken glass, auto glass repair should be a top priority. Driving your vehicle with a cracked/broken windshield, power window, or back glass may limit your visibility while on the road.  Also, a simple crack can spread on your glass surfaces and result in more extensive damage.

If you notice that your vent glass, door glass, window, or windshield is damaged, don’t hesitate to seek auto glass repair services. Having the glass surface repaired will keep your vehicle functional and aesthetically appealing. You should treat glass repair the same way you would manage an issue with your engine.

For drivers in Rio Rancho, NM, Horizon Auto Glass & Tint is at your service. We offer quality and reliable auto glass repairs that keep your vehicle in good condition. From repairing chips and cracks to replacing whole glass surfaces, we ensure that your vehicle’s glassware is well taken care of.

Why Driving with broken glass can be dangerous

There’s a reason why we emphasize that broken or chipped glass should be taken seriously. Every glass surface on your vehicle has an important function. The power windows protect you from outside weather conditions and keep your vehicle stable while on the road. Also, the back glass and windshield are crucial to maintaining clear visibility.

Here are some of the risks that your vehicle may be subjected to if you don’t repair your auto glass promptly.

1. Small chips can turn into larger cracks

In many glass surfaces, a small chip is often a recipe for disaster. This is because the chip can quickly become a more significant crack and result in more costly repairs. In most cases, a small chip in the windows can be repaired by merely adding a polymer. The polymer bonds to your glass and covers up small chips.

However, if you ignore even a small chip on your glass, slight pressure on the surface can develop into a crack. Huge cracks on your glass will then necessitate replacement of the entire glass surface.

2. Visibility challenges

As you would expect, chips and cracks on your glass can result in visibility challenges. For example, a cracked windshield often reflects light in a blurry manner and can make it harder for you to view what lies ahead.

Cracked power windows (or a cracked back glass) may also reflect glare from the sun as you look through the sides of your vehicle. This is particularly risky when approaching intersections or curved roads.

3. Damage to your vehicle’s lights

Auto glass is also used to cover various lighting systems in your vehicle. For example, your brake lights, reverse lights, and parking lights may be covered by a protective glass to prevent damage. If these glass surfaces are cracked or chipped, your lights will not be visible while driving. This is particularly dangerous when reversing or braking while on the road.

Your lights will also become easily damaged if they’re not covered by a protective glass (an extra expense on your part).

4. Affecting safety and comfort

Your auto glass has both functional and safety responsibilities in the vehicle. For example, your back glass contributes to the structural integrity of your car while driving, and your power windows help minimize injury in case your vehicle rolls over. If these glass surfaces are cracked or broken, they could become less effective in the event of an accident.

Types of auto glass repairs we carry out

At Horizon Auto Glass & Tint in Rio Ranch, we understand the importance of auto glass repair. The downsides of driving with cracked or broken glass are many, and we make it easier for drivers to have their auto glass repaired promptly (and at a competitive cost).

Our auto glass repair services involve the following:

1. Back glass repair and replacement

Your rear windshield is one of the most critical parts of the vehicle. As you drive along an uneven or damaged road surface, loose debris can easily land on your rear windshield and cause chips/cracks. If this happens, don’t ignore the damage. Bring your car to our location, and we’ll repair it as soon as possible.

A small chip or crack can easily result in a damaged glass surface. Thus you shouldn’t procrastinate when bringing your vehicle in for servicing.

2. Power window repairs

At Horizon in Rio Ranch, we know how important your power windows are. If you’re experiencing issues with your power window, we will carry out a thorough inspection of the affected area to determine what repair process is best. From small chips to larger cracks and even broken glass, we can handle all your auto glass issues and give you a free, personalized quote for services provided.

We also make it easier for you to coordinate with your insurance company when planning for power window repairs.

3. Mirror replacement

From your side mirror glass to your windshield, large cracks can affect the structure of your mirrors and necessitate a replacement. Glass replacement ensures that extensively damaged glass surfaces in your vehicle remain stable and safe while driving. When replacing glass, we guarantee that we only use Original Equipment Manufacturer parts (for the best quality). We also prioritize our DOW-certified primers to keep your new glass surfaces firmly in place.

Mirror and glass replacement in cars is a delicate process that requires both time and attention to detail. Therefore, we don’t rush through the process, and we allow enough time for resin application/curing.

4. Classic car glass repairs

Do you have a classic vehicle hidden in your garage in the Rio Ranch area? Horizon Auto Glass & Tint makes it easier for you to put that beauty back on the road. We can handle auto glass repairs for almost any vehicle, from vintage 1940s models to the more recent 1970s Chevrolets.

If your classic vehicle has a shattered back glass, cracked vent glasses, or dysfunctional power windows, we can repair each surface step by step and restore the beauty of your machine.

Why Choose Horizon Auto Glass & Tint?

Drivers in the Rio Ranch area have an excellent resource available for their auto glass repair needs. Horizon Auto Glass & Tint sets itself apart from the competition due to our vast experience and expertise. When you choose Horizon, you want more than just auto glass repair. You’re selecting a vehicle maintenance partner who pays attention to the quality of service and the needs of customers. At Horizon, we’re not satisfied unless you’re satisfied. If you’re in need of auto glass services, bring your vehicle in today.

Disclaimer: Blogs and articles are for educational purposes only and to give a general understanding of window repair, replacement, and tenting. The information presented may not reflect the most current standards or materials used. Please contact us if you have any questions related to the services we offer.