4 Important Questions Regarding Motorhome Windshield Repair

​Your RV is more than another vehicle. It is your ticket to adventure and a home away from home. When your windshield needs repairs, it’s essential to find the right shop. How can you be sure your motorhome windshield repair is in the right hands? Ask these questions to make sure the shop you choose will do the best job … Read More

Repair or Replace?: Can Your Chipped Auto Glass Be Saved?

Small cracks, dents, and chips in your car’s windshield don’t seem like a big deal at first. However, over time, these tiny fractures can grow into a big problem. ​ Bring your damaged auto glass to Horizon Auto Glass and Tint as soon as you notice signs of wear-and-tear. If left untreated for too long, small damages can quickly get … Read More