4 Important Questions Regarding Motorhome Windshield Repair

​Your RV is more than another vehicle. It is your ticket to adventure and a home away from home. When your windshield needs repairs, it’s essential to find the right shop. How can you be sure your motorhome windshield repair is in the right hands? Ask these questions to make sure the shop you choose will do the best job possible on your motorhome.

Can Your Shop Replace My RV’s Windshield?

Replacing your RV’s windshield is a delicate operation. Unlike car windshields, it takes a certain amount of know-how to safely maneuver the old glass out of its frame without causing damage to the surrounding seal. Inserting the new glass into the frame requires a skilled and steady hand, as well as high-quality adhesives.

Shops with limited capabilities may not have the tools and experience necessary to replace your windshield correctly. Ragged seals, insufficient adhesives, low-quality glass, or a sloppy process can leave your glass vulnerable to heat, wind pressure, and other dangers. Insecurely fastened windshields could mean some ugly surprises on the road.

At Horizon Auto Glass and Tint, we have the parts, knowledge, and experience to ensure your new windshield keeps you safe and comfortable during your drive.

• We exclusively use OEM parts and high-quality adhesives for a secure finish.

• We’ve been serving the motorhome windshield repair needs of New Mexico residents since 1989.

• Our shop is the only one in the Albuquerque area to be certified by the AGRSS (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council).

Be sure to ask your technician about the parts they use and their previous experiences before trusting them with your motorhome windshield repair.

Can Your Shop Help with Insurance Claims?

Motorhome windshield repair can be pricey. Using your insurance coverage helps reduce the financial burden. Depending on how your windshield became damaged, your insurance may cover your entire repair bill.

However, many people choose to skip the insurance process. The confusing tangle of forms and phone calls is enough to discourage some RV owners from attempting to use their coverage. Instead, these owners choose to pay out of pocket for repairs. Still, others may want to use their insurance but have a tough time finding a shop that will accept it.

At Horizon Auto Glass and Repair, we make it easy to use your insurance coverage to defray the costs of your motorhome windshield repair. Our team takes care of most of the details for you. From tracking down forms to filling in information, we will guide you through the claims process to ensure you get everything right the first time. Once authorization is received, we will complete your repair job and send the bill directly to your insurance company.

Can Your Shop Come to Me?

Exploring new pathways is the best part of owning a motorhome. However, small rocks and debris from rough roads that are kicked up by your tires can wreck your windshield. What do you do when you’re already on vacation and notice a series of small cracks or chips in your RV’s windshield?

Chipped and cracked windshields are a safety hazard for several reasons.

• Obscures vision.

• Compromises the structural integrity of the glass if an accident occurs.

• Allows wind, rain, and other outside elements into your motorhome.

Don’t cut your vacation short to deal with a dented windshield. Take advantage of Horizon Auto Glass and Repair’s mobile services. With no additional charge, we’ll come to your location within 30 miles of Albuquerque and complete your motorhome windshield repair right on the spot. Don’t worry if you’re a little further out. We can still visit your location for a small additional fee. Within a few hours, you’ll be ready to drive off and resume your plans with minimal interruption to your itinerary.

You won’t need to miss a second of your vacation fun when you trust Horizon Auto Glass and Tint with your RV windshield repairs.

Can Your Shop Take Care of All My RV’s Auto Glass Needs?

Your windshield is the most vulnerable part of your rig. However, the rest of your auto glass needs attention too. Choose a shop that offers comprehensive glass repair services, so you aren’t stuck hopping around town to get all the services you need.

At Horizon Auto Glass and Tint, we offer a range of repair services, including:

• Rock chip repair

• Camper shell glass replacement and repair

• Side window replacement and repair

We also provide tinting services to keep drivers comfortable as they navigate New Mexico’s sunlit roads.

Horizon Auto Glass and Tint is your one-stop solution for motorhome windshield repair and service in the Rio Rancho area. Let us know how we can help make your next vacation safer and more secure.

Disclaimer: Blogs and articles are for educational purposes only and to give a general understanding of window repair, replacement, and tenting. The information presented may not reflect the most current standards or materials used. Please contact us if you have any questions related to the services we offer.